1/4″ Titen HD® Screw Anchor

New Diameter on Popular Titen HD® Screw Anchor Offers Optimum Performance in Cracked and Uncracked Concrete

Simpson Strong-Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, now offers its patented, high-strength Titen HD® screw anchor for concrete and masonry in 1/4″ diameter.

This new size offers optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, as required by the 2012 IBC for post-installed anchors. The newly redesigned anchor has all the features of the original Titen HD – plus optimized thread geometry and the 1/4″ diameter.

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The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the Titen HD anchor make it ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacings. It is recommended for permanent applications in dry, interior, non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications.

Other key features include:

  • Qualified for static and seismic loading conditions in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
  • Installs with low torque for maximum efficiency
  • Code-listed under the current IBC/IRC in accordance with [glossary]AC193[/glossary] for cracked concrete applications per ICC-ES ESR-2713 and with [glossary]AC106[/glossary] for masonry applications per ICC-ES ESR-1056
  • Classified as a Category 1 anchor, the highest attainable anchor category for performance in cracked concrete under static and seismic loading.

For more information, visit strongtie.com/thdb25.

Information provided by Simpson Strong-tie