5 Ways to Maximize Your Stock Glulam Sales

glulam beamWarren Buffett once said “Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.”

Few building products exemplify this bit of investment wisdom more than the common stock glulam beam.

Stock glulam beams offer cost-effective, reliable performance for a wide range of residential applications, including floor and roof beams, and garage, door and window headers. While glued laminated beams have a history of being used in dramatic, exposed applications, today’s glulam beams are just as often used in the everyday residential applications you don’t see, pulled from stock sizes at local building material dealer yards for structural use.

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The residential building market is expected to remain steady, and both building material dealers and contractors are poised to take advantage. Much like the dividend check from a solid investment, the everyday framing applications for glulam offer opportunities for both builders and dealers.

To help you understand the basics, APA—the Engineered Wood Association has developed the Stock Glulam Resource Kit, an online resource for stock beams, accessible at www.apawood.org/stock-glulam-resources.

Here are five ‘Tips from the Kit’ to maximize your stock glulam beam sales this year.

Because of the way it’s manufactured, glulam has greater strength and stiffness than comparably-sized dimensional lumber. Pound for pound, it’s stronger than steel. This means glulam can span relatively long distances without need for intermediate support, making it useful for beam and header applications.

Stock beams are readily available from a number of distributors and glulam manufacturers. They come in widths that match standard 2×4 and 2×6 wall construction, making it easy to inventory common sizes. And they can be ordered in lengths up to 66 feet, then kept in inventory and cut to order for immediate jobsite delivery.

Time is money, which makes stock glulam beams a good investment for busy contractors. They can be cut to length and delivered with the framing package, which leaves your builder with virtually no jobsite waste.

Once on the jobsite, stock glulam beams are quick and easy to install. “It’s fairly simple; instead of having to nail multiple plies together, they have just one beam,” says Doug Sehr, salesman for Builders Enterprises in Aurora, Colo. “This saves time for the framer.”

For floor beam applications, stock beams are available in I-joist-compatible depths. Plus, they are manufactured with flat or zero camber, which results in a true and level floor. Up above, builders can use stock beams to frame roof structures which create the open layouts that are so popular in today’s home designs.

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