7 design upgrades that will make your home office more productive

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Working from home can be wonderful, but it is not always easy to stay productive. If you are having trouble concentrating and getting down to business, the problem may be as close as your home office.

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In the rush to start telecommuting, many newly home-based workers overlook the importance of a good design when building out their home offices. If you made that mistake at the beginning, you can change it up with some smart design upgrades, including the seven outlined below.

  1. A Wi-Fi repeater or range extender. When you work from home you rely on your Wi-Fi network for everything from Zoom calls to file sharing, so make the space more productive by adding a repeater or range extended.
  2. Turn your walls into extra storage space. Having plenty of storage is important when you work from home, so add some hanging shelves or stylish bookcases to increase the amount of storage in your space.
  3. Try some inspirational art. Adding art to the walls is always a smart design move, but in your home office the art you choose could actually make you more productive. Inspirational posters are just the beginning, and you can experiment with various types of artwork, prints and photographs.
  4. Add some plants. Greenery is good for your emotional well being, but a few well placed plants can also enhance your creativity. If your thumb is less than green, you can get the same effect with artificial plants—no watering required.
  5. Consider a convertible desk. If you want to work out while you work, consider adding a convertible desk. You can find stand out desks and even desks with built-in treadmills, so you can keep your mind and your body active and engaged.
  6. Paint the walls a neutral color. Painting the walls is probably the easiest of all home improvement projects, but the color you choose can have a profound impact on your productivity. Light neutral shades work best, so choose a color that fits your personal taste and style.
  7. Create a concentration corner. Having a brightly lit home office is important for most tasks, but there are times when darker is definitely better. Adding a darkened space where you can concentrate can be good for your creativity.

Building a productive home office does not have to cost a lot of money, but the cash you spend can have a huge impact on your productivity, your happiness and your satisfaction as a home based worker. If you want to wow the boss and get more done, the seven design hacks can help you make it happen.


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