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ACRE™ by Modern Mill – A world beyond wood

ACRE™ is a new breakthrough in the evolution of building materials. In the same way that PVC replaced wood in many applications, now ACRE replaces PVC. ACRE isn’t wood. It isn’t a traditional composite. It’s a brand-new material engineered from rice hulls that combines convenience, durability, beauty, and sustainability. With less static or dust, easy staining and painting, smooth edges and a limited-lifetime guarantee, ACRE raises trim, decking, millwork and siding to a whole new level.  

NOW AVAILABLE: ACRE Rabbeted Trim. ACRE Rabbeted Trim boards are designed to cover the ends of ACRE siding for a clean and uniform finish. Rabbeted Trim boards eliminate the possibility of unsightly gaps, making for an even more beautiful finish and seamless installation experience.

See why ACRE is the perfect fit for your project. 

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