Advanced rainscreen moisture protection for exterior wall systems

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From Florida to Washington state, inclement weather continually poses a variety of problems for architects, builders and homeowners alike. Moisture infiltration from excessive precipitation and high humidity can cause significant issues with residential building performance, leading to long-term damage from mold, mildew and rot. To protect against moisture build-up, many construction companies have begun seeking materials with reliable weather-resistant features.

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Rainscreens are a building envelope support mechanism that is designed to limit the amount of water that could potentially come into contact with the primary building envelope’s moisture barrier. They sit away from a building’s exterior and create a small air gap that helps protect the original structure by reducing the chance of water finding a way into the wall assembly. Highly durable, these systems provide building facades with an extra layer of protection to withstand inclement weather and other harsh environmental conditions.

Due to their various long-term benefits, rainscreens have become an industry standard during the design stage of any construction project. That’s why DuPont™ Tyvek®, one of the most trusted brands in the residential construction industry, has created Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen.

With multi-directional channels for drainage and airflow, the Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen is a three-dimensional honeycomb-textured mat that provides advanced protection against moisture damage in exterior wall systems by ventilating and quickly moving moisture out of the wall cavity.  The heavy-duty filter fabric also eliminates stucco and mortar infiltration, maintaining the air space for drainage and ventilation. Although ideal for stucco and stone veneer, Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen is also suitable for use with a variety of other exterior materials, including: brick; wood and fiber cement siding; metal panel systems; cedar shake; and shingles. The Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen is ideal for use with Tyvek® HomeWrap® or Tyvek® DrainWrap™ as the primary weather-resistive barrier (WRB).

Easy to cut and roll tight against corners, the material’s patent-pending honeycomb design installs easily with ½” staples or nails and offers a smooth, flat surface for optimal cladding application and compression resistance. The fabric can also be used to replace one layer of WRB required with stucco and stone construction, and its built-in insect screen flap even helps to prevent infestation.

Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen offers 200 square foot coverage per roll, with >100 perms based on ASTM E96 (method B). Additionally, Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen provides a 90-day UV rating to provide flexibility on the jobsite with job completion, and it is covered by a Class “A” fire rating per ASTM E84.

When properly installed with DuPont™ Tyvek® weatherization system products, Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen is backed by a 10-year limited product and labor warranty. It is also supported by the Tyvek® Specialist Network, a national team of field representatives dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire construction process. Tyvek® Specialists offer ample installation guidelines and install animations to help educate contractors, and they offer onsite training, guidance and building expertise to help ensure the installation of Tyvek® weather barrier products for optimum performance.

What’s more, Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen is just one part of DuPont Performance Building Solutions, which offers a reliable product portfolio that many builders have come to rely on year after year. Tyvek® HomeWrap® or Tyvek® DrainWrap™ can be used underneath the Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen, along with Tyvek® Tape and DuPont™ Flashing Products, to ensure the highest building envelope performance, quality and durability.

A dry wall is crucial to preventing cladding rot and mildew. Tyvek® DrainVent™ Rainscreen helps keep moisture moving and offers builders and homeowners peak performance and peace of mind—every time.

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