Allura re-opens Terre Haute plant

Allura has re-opened its 438,000-square-foot plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. (PRNewsfoto/Allura)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Allura has re-opened its 438,000-square-foot plant in Terre Haute, Indiana where exterior siding, trim, soffit and shakes are manufactured for new homes across the midwest.

Situated on a 95-acre tract, Allura’s Terre Haute plant houses a 428,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, 9,120 square-foot office building, 85-foot high, multi-level water building with three internal vessels and various storage yards, railroad spars and parking areas.

The facility employs 60 full-time workers. It previously closed in 2014. WTHI TV reports that the company plans to increase capacity and double employment in the near future.

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Allura CEO Jessica L. Navascues was joined by Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett, Terre Haute Chamber President David Haynes, representatives from Allura’s parent company Elementia and those from several homebuilding companies joined Navascues at a ceremony to celebrate.

“We welcome back Allura with open arms,” said Bennett during remarks at the event. “Companies in Indiana make products for the entire nation and we’re certainly thrilled to help do our part in Terre Haute.”

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch attended a private reception in Indianapolis the night before the plant’s re-opening ceremony.

Allura also operates manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Oregon and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.