ASK THE EXPERT: Vendors Behaving Badly

Seeking Generation Next Ask The Expert

Dear Future,

 At virtually every industry gathering I have attended the last few years, this issue has been raised. Between retiring baby boomers and those who have left our industry since 2007, how do we effectively recruit and retain the next generation? Between the good news and bad, the answer is right there inside your company— and it’s a good thing for all of us.

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According to the Internet, the good news is there are presently 75,000,000 millennials preparing to join/are joining the world’s workforce. You read that right: 75 million eager future employees between 14 and 34 years of age. They are, or will be, better informed, very comfortable with technology, and
potentially the next generation of longterm loyal employees.

The bad news is, if you are over 50, as am I, these available millennials are looking for an employer who understands them and their needs. No hiring them one day and sticking them on the counter the next. They’ll be gone in six months and while you’ll blame their generation, the fault is ours.

Strangely enough, these younger people are probably looking for many of the same things you value: structure; goals; a plan; respect; success; and feedback. While it’s true millennials probably lack patience, may be critical of you if your action plan is not well thought-out, and will publically ridicule an absence of effective leadership, know that these techsavvy multi-taskers will stay and thrive in a challenging, respectful, team-oriented, friendly workplace. A good thing for all of us indeed.

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