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Brendan K. Lowney is a Principal of Forest Economic Advisors, LLC. As FEA ’s macroeconomist, he interprets and forecasts the North American and international economic landscape landscape—analysis that forms the basis of FEA’s industry projections.

Embrace the inevitable: Wood-based construction set to move offsite

It is time for the construction industry to borrow methods from the highly productive manufacturing sector. The first step in this process is to move most of the process into a factory setting and turn the building site into an assembly site.
housing unit loss rates

The impact of housing removals on housing demand

Industry Spotlight The rate of housing removals is an often overlooked, but surprisingly important component of housing demand. It is often overlooked because quality data...

No, the so-called Trump lumber tariffs will not threaten the U.S. housing recovery

We have received a slew of media inquiries recently from reporters who were pushing the following storylines: 1.    Donald Trump’s tariffs on lumber have caused...
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Supply-side response to rising home prices has gone missing

Home construction remains frustratingly slow, even with the long-expected tailwind associated with the transition of the Millennial generation into their key home-buying years. It...

A Common Indicator of Residential Improvements is Broken

While new residential construction activity captures the lion’s share of attention, residential improvements expenditures have actually been a more important end use for wood...

THE LUMBER MARKET: An Analysis of Housing’s Soft Rebound

The skewed distribution of income and lingering effect from the great recession are taking a toll on housing demand. BY: BRENDAN K. LOWNEY U.S. home construction...


Will Easing Credit Conditions Offset Weaker Affordability? BY: BRENDAN K. LOWNEY It is hard to deny that the sharp deterioration of home affordability which started about...

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