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Craig A. Shutt, senior contributing editor of LBM Journal, has more than 35 years of experience covering the LBM industry.
Huber AdvanTech

In Depth: Caulks, Sealants & Adhesives

Dealer knowledge is key to helping buyers match up building materials with the right caulk, sealant, or adhesive. ABOVE: Huber Engineered Woods’ AdvanTech subfloor adhesive...
In Depth - Siding

In Depth: Siding

Above: Elm Grove™, the latest vinyl siding offering in the Exterior Portfolio® brand from Royal Building Products, features a new raised woodgrain that, according...
Headwaters Roofing Group

In Depth: Roofing Systems

Above: Headwaters Roofing Group’s “Gerard” stone-coated metal roofing (such as this Canyon Shake style) is designed to handle harsh environments. It is constructed from...
Windows and Doors

In Depth: Windows & Doors

Top-selling windows and doors optimize home owner privacy while staying on trend with craftsman styles that boost sound performance and energy efficiency. Forget ultramodern. With...

In Depth Extra: Deck Rail Lighting & Accessories

UltraLox’s under-rail lighting provides a unique appearance by positioning the lighting where it’s needed most—down onto the deck surface. As an added bonus, the...
Deck Fasteners

In Depth Extra: Deck Fasteners

Simpson Strong-Tie’s EB-TY Premium offers the same features as the EB-TY hidden fastener but with a stainless steel plate. The plate provides additional hold-down...

In Depth: Decks

American homeowners are continuing their love affair with decks, but gone are the days when decks served as a simple lounging space or a...
Housewrap and Insulation

IN DEPTH: Housewrap and Insulation

IN DEPTH As the green building movement has gained momentum over the past decade and energy efficiency has come to the forefront— due to homeowner...
Technology Tools

IN DEPTH: Technology Tools

IN DEPTH It’s hard to find an area of life where technology doesn’t have an influence and a presence, and the lumberyard is no exception....
As the market recovers, we need to be careful not to sell EWP as a commodity, Midgette says, which shortchanges the products’ benefits and opportunities. “We need more value-added selling and education,” he says. “If we look at EWP in general, its value proposition is speed of build, reduced callbacks, long-term performance, open floor plans, and design flexibility. We have to keep selling that, otherwise people aren’t going to pay for that.” “We have to go back to the time when product knowledge education was part of our daily routine in the industry,” affirms McCollum, noting that dealers need to take advantage of the staff at their distributors and manufacturers. Roseburg, for instance, offers local and regional training for specifiers, builders, distributors, and dealers through its network of field staff who can educate audiences on marketing, selling, and installing Roseburg products. “Veteran dealers and builders have become comfortable with the benefits of EWP, like no floor squeaks, sustainability, and long spans,” adds Boise’s Debelius. “But we need to remind dealers that there are all sorts of benefits that we take for granted.” Boise offers in-person product knowledge training via its area managers, along with online tools and focused literature. It also is furthering these efforts through education-based marketing programs, such as four-page trade ads that emphasize system-wide benefits. Weyerhaeuser Learning provides numerous webinars, self-guided online courses, and in-person/classroom opportunities on everything from products to technical training to dealer selling skills. “Our goal is to be the trusted adviser,” says Schweizer. “One of the things we find and try to instill in dealers is to rely on the tools and the information that the mills have to help them,” says Rosboro’s Smith. “Providing solutions is very important. We can help them re-educate the entire chain. We have a lot of tools to help them.” Software Adds Value Along with education, software programs are helping dealers add even more value to engineered wood sales. LP, as one example, has a brand new beam-sizer program called LP Solid- Start Design that allows for design of individual components. The company also offers a whole-house design program, LP SolidStart Solutions. For its onCenter engineered wood products, BlueLinx offers Doma Studio for drawing and designing 3-D models, analyzing engineering, and optimizing cutting patterns. “That continues to be a big area for dealers,” says Scot Bauer, general manager of engineered lumber.

IN DEPTH: Engineered Lumber

IN DEPTH Like much of the industry, engineered wood producers are still navigating a fickle recovery in which builders are challenged by supply constraints, tight lending,...

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