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Dena Cordova-Jack, Building Culture

Assessment tools to build strong cultures

The highest-functioning cultures are built by developing strong leaders and teams.
Dena Cordova-Jack, Building Culture

Here’s how to win the sales vs. operations battle

Soon into my career at the Fortune 500 company where I traded commodity lumber, the logistics manager gave me a nickname— Sales Problem #1—and I must say I earned it.
Dena Cordova-Jack, Building Culture

Is critical thinking part of your company culture?

If you want to increase your company’s critical thinking process and practice, here are some suggestions you may find helpful.
Dena Cordova-Jack, Building Culture

The financial impact of a poor company culture

Here are simple ways to create a positive, supportive, and productive work environment.
Dena Cordova-Jack, Building Culture

Succession planning — not as difficult as you think

As leadership expectations continue to change, so must our approach to succession planning.

COVID-19: Association resources and more

Dena Cordova-Jack, of Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, along with eleven other association leaders, shares advice and resources for LBM dealers.

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