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White Paper: Boosting Sales with Ecommerce

Unlock the business solutions of ecommerce to help your business take the next step towards growth and success.
eCommerce 201 - Bridging the Gap

Webinar Replay: eCommerce 201 – Bridging the Gap

Building on the foundation of last month’s e-Commerce 101 webinar, Shane Soule will discuss how to "Bridge the Gap" from concept to execution of your e-Commerce strategy. Shane will discuss how to plan for success by helping you consider a strategy that includes marketing, merchandizing, process, and resources.
eCommerce 101

Webinar Replay: e-commerce 101: First of all, what is it?

Is your competition taking business from you through their e-commerce platform and you aren’t sure how to implement, or even where to start? Join Shane Soule as he covers the basics of how e-commerce has arrived in our industry, and is rapidly changing the way our customers interact with us.
Lean Communication: Unboxing the Inbox

Webinar Replay: Lean Communication: Unboxing the Inbox

Lean improvement opportunities are everywhere in our businesses and not just in our yards and manufacturing areas. An often unnoticed and undervalued opportunity for lean improvement is our internal methods of communication.
ECI Keep your business safe

White Paper: How to keep your business safe during the pandemic

Is your business open or are you considering reopening to employees, the public, or both during the pandemic? If so, you’ll need to make sure that your reopening plan is consistent with applicable local and state orders, and that you are ready to protect everyone in your business—especially those at higher risk—from contracting the virus.
The Small Stuff: Inventory Shrink

Webinar Replay: The Small Stuff: Inventory Shrink

Do you budget a percentage of inventory shrink and call it acceptable? What if you could cut that "acceptable" number in half? Join Shane Soule to improve your processes and convert loss to gain.
The Small Stuff: Inventory Shrink

Webinar Replay: The Small Stuff: It’s ‘Material’ to the Bottom Line

Material handlers in our yards are crucial, not only for our customers experience, but also for a couple percentage points of our cost. In this 30-40 minute webinar, Shane Soule will analyze material handler activities and suggest some changes that could seem small, but over time, add significantly to your bottom line.

White Paper: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Workplace

This paper briefly explores the emerging office layout and professional working models that are emerging, as well as the statistics that underlie our present understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on workplaces and our projections for the future of our workplaces.
ECi Stop Wasting Your Employees’ Time!

White Paper: Stop Wasting Your Employees’ Time! Automate Routine Tasks Using Modern Tech

Investing in new technology is a cost-effective and scalable way to get the most value from your staff and drive efficiency throughout your organization. By removing low-value or redundant tasks from your operation, you can get more done with the same workforce. Your staff will be able to focus on activities that help your business grow, rather than getting bogged down in busywork that wastes valuable time.
5 Benefits of Mobile Technology for LBM Businesses

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Mobile Technology for LBM Businesses

Progressive LBM businesses are leveraging mobility solutions to empower their employees. Cashiers and other frontline workers, traditionally underserved with digital access, are becoming increasingly important to their businesses as mobility becomes the new norm. These businesses use mobility to drive competitive advantages and increase market share.

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