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In a Time of Labor Shortage, Do More with Fewer People

White Paper: How LBM Dealers Can Attract, Retain, and Empower Their Teams

In a Time of Labor Shortage, Do More with Fewer People

7 Costs of Outdated Software

Find out how and why outdated technology drags down your business.

White Paper: Five Steps to Boost Profitability Through Customer Stratification

Download this new white paper from Epicor that guides you through the five customer stratification steps so you can focus on your best customers and minimize time wasted on unprofitable partnerships to maximize business growth.

7 Cost-Saving Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

Why it’s not too expensive to track warehouse and yard inventory properly.

White Paper: Building Supply Industry Insights Report 2022

With most businesses now running hybrid ERP, our report reveals what hard-working building suppliers really require from their ERP partners and solutions.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 401: Macro/Micro Business Review

In the final webinar of the cost accounting series, Shane Soule will assist you in looking at your company from both a macro and micro perspective, as he helps you analyze your company’s “businesses inside your business.”

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 301 – The New Math

In this 301 webinar, Shane Soule will share actions you can take with your most unprofitable customers to turn them from loss to profit and quickly improve your overall bottom line. (Hint: Firing them is not on the list of recommended actions.)

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 201: Collecting the Data

Join in as Shane Soule goes deeper into basic cost accounting and shows how you can collect the data needed to make smart business decisions.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 101 – The Basics

Join Shane Soule as he starts off his new Cost Accounting series with "101 - The Basics." He will cover the macro areas that make up our true cost to serve and discuss how they affect your profitability.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 301: Improving Truck Turnaround Times

Join Shane Soule as he covers the truck turnaround process and gives you a blueprint for starting your improvement plan.

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