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Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 201: Collecting the Data

Join in as Shane Soule goes deeper into basic cost accounting and shows how you can collect the data needed to make smart business decisions.

Webinar Replay: Cost Accounting 101 – The Basics

Join Shane Soule as he starts off his new Cost Accounting series with "101 - The Basics." He will cover the macro areas that make up our true cost to serve and discuss how they affect your profitability.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 301: Improving Truck Turnaround Times

Join Shane Soule as he covers the truck turnaround process and gives you a blueprint for starting your improvement plan.

Webinar Replay: Fleet Efficiency 201: It Starts With Sales

The biggest gains a company can make in improving efficiency is creating a culture where sales sets operations up for success.

Webinar Replay: Using Technology to Increase Productivity in the Warehouse and Yard

Most companies realize that they need technology for their office staff and to interface with their customers but overlook their warehouse and material handlers. Suppliers are utilizing the latest racking and forklifts, but many still not using technology to streamline processes and increase productivity by going paperless.

Webinar Replay: The Most Valuable Metric That You Likely Aren’t Measuring

The lumber market in 2021 has presented our industry with a serious business challenge. With all the volatility and inconsistency, we may feel like we're in a pinball game. The old ways of measuring performance and forecasting no longer seem to work.

White Paper: The 5Ws of Tracking Productivity and How to Start

This article examines the who, what, where, when, why and how of tracking productivity in lumber and building materials (LBM) dealer businesses.
Leveraging Lean: Work Smarter

Webinar Replay: Leveraging Lean: How to Work Smarter and Deliver More Value

Across the U.S., dealers and distributors are facing material shortages, historically high prices, a tight labor market, and a red-hot building market. That’s why a growing number of companies are embracing Lean concepts to drive waste from their business, and to do more and more with less and less.
In a Time of Labor Shortage, Do More with Fewer People

White Paper: How LBM Dealers Can Attract, Retain, and Empower Their Teams

In a Time of Labor Shortage, Do More with Fewer People
A Booming Time for Builders and Their Suppliers

White Paper: A Booming Time for Builders and Their Suppliers

A Booming Time for Builders and Their Suppliers. Download this new white paper from Epicor for timely, actionable tips on how to thrive today – and for years to come.

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