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Upcoming Webinar: Building Better: Approaches to Resilient Roof Assemblies

In this 30-45 minute webinar, Matt Minchew, General Manager, ZIP System Roof Applications at Huber Engineered Woods identifies three keys to roof durability to better protect a home and its interior from water intrusion due to roof assembly damage.
Huber sealed roof decks ZIP system

How Sealed Roof Decks Support Your Build, Even During a Category 1 Hurricane

With the frequency and intensity of severe seasonal storms increasing, the stresses on roof assemblies and risk of leaks also increases.
Huber ZIP System

How Sealed Roof Decks Support Your Build, Even During a Category 1 Hurricane

In the event of a severe storm, a durable roof may help protect against water intrusion at the most vulnerable area of a home.
Huber Zip System

ZIP System® Wall Sheathing

In modern houses, the sheathing covering the studs and rafters serves a number of purposes.
Huber XFactor

AdvanTech™ X-Factor

AdvanTech X-Factor is a new class of premium subflooring with a fade-resistant, water-shedding surface on a high-performance engineered wood panel. (paid placement)

Matt Risinger Compares AdvanTech Subflooring to OSB and Plywood

My business is based on an expectation of quality. Having no callbacks — having a much stronger, squeak-free floor — has made all the difference in being able to build a solid reputation for high-performing homes.

A Roof Assembly Proven to Hold Strong Under Hurricane Conditions

Since its introduction in 2006, ZIP System sheathing and tape has been widely adopted by construction teams as a replacement for traditional sheathing and housewrap or felt.
Webinar - Inefficient Delivery Processes--EXPOSED

Webinar Replay: Inefficient Delivery Processes—EXPOSED

Rick Schumacher welcomes LBM productivity and efficiency expert Shane Soule to discuss what you can do now to streamline your delivery processes.

SELLING TO REMODELERS: Exploring Growth Opportunities Via One’s LBM Dealer

At Traver Construction, we have used the same LBM supplier for over 20 years. Our loyalty to Ivey Lumber in Dallas is due to...

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