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The technology-free lumberyard

This month's question came from the new owner of a lumberyard that’s been operating technology-free for more than 30 years. He’s looking for advice on whether or not to pull the trigger and computerize.
Order takers sales pros

Turning order takers into sales pros

This month's Real Issues question comes from a dealer who believes the over-abundance of business that happened during COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on his salespeople.
Real Issues. Real Answers.

How LBM dealers project the future

This month’s Real Issues. Real Answers question comes from an LBM dealer who’s looking for insights on how to craft budgets and projections for the coming year.
online operations

Taking operations online

Today's powerful technology tools make it easy to do more and more online, including giving our customers 24/7 access to your product pricing and to their accounts.
big box pricing

Battling big box commodity pricing

This month’s Real Issue question came from two different size dealers in very different markets who both are wrestling with this challenge.
credit card fees

Readers weigh in on charging credit card fees

We asked our readers to complete a brief three-question survey and share whether or not their company charges to accept credit cards, and what the impact has been.
Real Issue. Excessive jobsite returns

Real Issues: Excessive jobsite returns

What to do when jobsite returns become excessive, and builders find it easier to switch suppliers than control their ordering?
Real Issues

Is your company ready for a recession?

This month's Real Issue. Real Answers. question comes from a dealer in the Southeastern U.S. who asks what, if anything, other LBM Journal readers are doing to prepare for a slowdown.
Recruiting outside the box

Recruiting outside the box

This month’s Real Issue survey question comes from a dealer who realizes that what they’re doing to bring on new people just isn’t working, and they need to do something different if they want different results.

Real Issue. Real Answers: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many LBM companies. While data breaches at large organizations often make the news, we know that businesses of...

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