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A partner with Forest Economic Advisors (FEA), Lynn Michaelis has nearly 40 years of experience in the forest products industry. This article was excerpted with permission from FEA’s “Spotlight.” To learn more, visit
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What will the federal reserve do if…?

The purpose of this spotlight is to flag one of the potential spoilers for the housing recovery over the next few years: above-trend economic...
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Key demographic trends: Overall household formations and mix of starts Part III

This is the final segment of the Spotlight series on demographics and implications for housing starts. The purpose of this Spotlight is to shift...
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Key demographic trends and their effect on the wood products industry Part II

Focus on household formations for 25-44 age group Last month, we began a series of Spotlights to address some significant demographic trends. In Part I,...
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Key demographic trends and their effect on the wood products industry Part I

In recent Monthly Macroeconomic Advisers, Spotlights on Immigration, and in Forest Economic Advisors (FEA) Forum Presentations, we have been discussing the expectations for the...
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Immigration, housing formations create uncertainty for housing trends

A major uncertainty for trend housing starts In April, I wrote a Spotlight that addressed the question of how a major reduction in immigration would...
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How Immigration Issues Could Affect the Wood Products Industry

Last year, one of the major policy questions raised by candidate Trump was the issue of immigration, especially undocumented immigrants from South America, and...
Serious Delinquency Rates

Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part II

Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part I The potential pathways forward. Will the Trump administration fix the mortgage market? There is no question the Trump...

Unfinished Business: Reform of Mortgage Market, Part I

Lending standards and mortgage availability have been major constraints to the housing recovery. The purpose of this article is to focus on one of the...

MARKET ANALYSIS: Outlook for Non-Residential Construction

FEA’s analysis reveals a few bright spots in this growing area. This month we wanted to bring you up to date on developments in the...


Fed Policy Update: “Patience” Last fall, the Fed’s forward guidance was captured in the term “considerable period.” This meant that a rate increase was not...

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