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Michael Berger is the former managing editor for HANDY Magazine and has been writing about home improvement and construction for the past sixteen years.
MiTek - In Depth - Fasteners

In Depth: Fasteners

Strength, speed, and efficiency all describe today's newest fasteners.
Hardware images

Hardware: Hassle or high-margin opportunity?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the hardware buyer isn’t the pro customer, that it’s mostly homeowners and DIYers.
Racking and Delivery

In Depth: Racking and Delivery

Efficiencies and logistics in today's racking and delivery equipment delivers increased productivity and profitability for LBM dealers. There was a time in the not-so-distant past...

In Depth: Roofing systems

Product performance and energy efficiency dominate in today's roofing world. There was a time when roofing materials weren’t paid that much attention to. Most homeowners...

In Depth: Lumber and structural panels

For these unsung heroes of construction, staying flexible is the key for distributor success. Lumber. It’s easy to not give it much mind, but it’s...

In Depth: Insulation and housewrap

With building codes and industry trends emphasizing energy efficiency and higher building performance requirements, and with a continued robust building market, one thing you...
engineered wood products

In Depth: Engineered wood products

In today's world of skilled labor shortages, engineered wood products provide design flexibility while delivering strength, ease of installation, and product consistency. It remains an...
BlueLinx Compass siding

In Depth: Siding

In a changing market dominated by technology and instant customer gratification, diverse product offerings and a true understanding of builder and homeowner needs are...
windows doors 2018

In Depth: Windows and doors

Simplicity in styles and an emphasis on technology-driven sales tools put the power for increased sales in the hands of distributors. Once upon a time,...
Zuri Decking

In Depth: Decks

Outdoor living continues to drive growth in decking projects. Decks are the darling of home improvement. Thanks to a strong housing market, a growing economy,...

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