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Grow Your Business and Say Yes to More Takeoffs

Paradigm Estimate™ takeoff service has the speed, accuracy, and convenience that gives sales teams more time to do what they do best: growing your business.

Choose a takeoff service that saves time, improves accuracy, and wins more jobs

Nobody really likes producing material takeoffs and creating estimates. They’re time-consuming, prone to inaccuracies and, honestly, they’re a headache.

So Many Takeoffs. So Little Time.  

If your nights and weekends are spent creating takeoffs, take a look at the Paradigm Estimate Takeoff Service.
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Say Yes to More Business with Paradigm Estimate™

Paradigm Estimate takeoff service has the speed and capability to keep up with your business.
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Spending Less Time on Takeoffs Can Build More Business

If you’re spending too much time on takeoffs, chances are you’re not spending enough time selling.
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Takeoffs that Fit How You Work

Choose a customized takeoff service that matches your business and budget.
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Do Your Estimates Get an A for Accuracy?

Step to the head of the class with more accurate material takeoffs from Paradigm Estimate™.
Paradigm estimate

“I want fewer sales” — said no one ever!

Are tedious construction estimates keeping you from selling more? Paradigm Estimate™ takeoff and estimating service increases productivity and helps win more bids.

Takeoffs With the Speed You Need

Paradigm Estimate™ material takeoff service accelerates estimating and frees up time to sell more.
Paradigm Estimate

Success Starts Before a Single Nail is Hammered

Paradigm Estimate delivers fast, accurate and customizable takeoffs that win more bids and help your customers get projects started on the right foot.

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