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Rick Schumacher is the editor and publisher of LBM Journal, and has more than 25 years experience covering the industry. Rick@LBMJournal.com
Tough Call July 2020

Tough Call: The case of the side-stepped sales rep

One of your biggest builder customers is bypassing your salesperson and going straight to the vendor rep. What would you do?
Rick Schumacher

Connecting the LBM community

It started, like so many great things do, with a simple suggestion.
LBM Strategies Bullseye smaller

LBM Strategies Conference 2020 going virtual

Due to uncertainties about travel and social distancing, combined with concerns about the health and safety of our LBM community, we've made the hard decision to take this year's event virtual, and then plan to return to a traditional live event in 2021.

Tough Call: Overworked and under pressure

Your sales are up, but your people are stressed and tired. How do you keep your team members from burning out while serving your growing customer base?
Rick Schumacher

What Dee would do

Faced with an incomprehensible threat, Dee didn’t run and hide and hope the problem would solve itself. She picked up a broom and went into battle.
Rick Schumacher

The reality of staying strong

History shows clearly that every economic downturn results in winners and losers. The winners work hard to use the downturn to study their business and their operations—to leverage their strengths and work on their weaknesses.
Tough Call

Tough Call: Too tough to be sick?

Your general manager views calling in sick as a sign of weakness—not common sense. What would you do?
Jeff Wedge

Five Questions With: Jeff Wedge, Henry Company

As vice president of sales, residential and light commercial, for Henry Company, Jeff Wedge offers insight into what building industry professionals want from weatherization materials and how Henry helps builders and dealers find the solutions they need.

Tough Call: Risk vs. Reward

A builder wants you to expand his credit so he can aggressively grow his business during this crisis. What would you do? 
Rick Schumacher

Stronger together

If you’re reading this, you’re a member of an industry that’s a cornerstone of every city and town in the U.S. It’s not just an industry...it’s a community.

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