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Rick Schumacher is the editor and publisher of LBM Journal, and has more than 25 years experience covering the industry. Rick@LBMJournal.com
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

A fresh page

I like to think that we, our families and our companies begin each year with a fresh page…a clean start.
Tough call to buy or not to buy

Tough Call: To buy or not to buy

Buying a company is a big step. But buying a company during a pandemic takes a leap of faith. What would you do?
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Navigating disruption

Considering what we’ve all been through to get us to this point, it’s clear that we, as individuals, as companies, and as an industry, have what it takes to not only survive, but to adapt and thrive.
Tough Call the Peter Principle

Tough Call: The Peter Principle Problem

A newly-promoted employee is underperforming in his new role. What would you do?
Tough Call Warehouse

Tough Call: Not a warehouse

A long-delayed project for a very important customer means you're left holding onto a serious amount of materials without the space to do so. What would you do?
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Live on the bleeding edge

When it became clear that our plan for an in-person event in Boston wasn’t in the cards, we decided to jump feet-first into the bleeding edge world of virtual conferences.
Rick Schumacher

A case study in crisis management

2020 has been an adventure for everyone in our industry. Instead of a fun, “choose your own adventure,” it’s been the type in which we expect one thing (a healthy year for business) and are hit over the head with something completely unexpected (global pandemic).
Oct tough call biggest fish

Tough Call: Is the biggest fish worth it?

Securing the business of the biggest builder in your area could mean sacrificing your existing customers' needs. What would you do?
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Embracing change

Our goal remains the same: to deliver the best information and insights available to help you build your sales, your business, and your brand.
tough call

Tough Call: What if it costs too much to serve your best customer?

You were hired to perform a "cost to serve" analysis. Implementing your suggestions may just cost you your biggest customer.

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