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Rick Schumacher is the editor and publisher of LBM Journal, and has more than 25 years experience covering the industry. Rick@LBMJournal.com
rick schumacher

Winding down and ramping up

By virtually all accounts, 2018 has been a solid year for most companies in the construction supply industry. I’ve talked with many dealers who’ve...
which advertising is best

Real Issues. Real Answers. Advertising: what works best?

Some things never change. Like the need to attract customers, grow our sales and build our brands. That straight-forward business challenge has grown much...
rick schumacher

Editor’s Note: Hearing voices

Just back in the office after the LBM Strategies Conference 2018, there is so much that I want to share—but I’ve managed to pare...
fighting over clients

Tough Call: Fighting over clients

As your company adds outside salespeople, there’s more conflict over customers. What would you do?As you’ve learned from running an independent building material company,...

Editor’s Note: Never stop learning

A lot has changed since I joined this industry back in 1990. Back then, it was estimated that there were more than 6,000 separate...
wooden ceiling

Tough Call: The wooden ceiling

A longtime builder customer switched suppliers when the daughter took over the family lumberyard.Speaking from experience, you know that there are worse things than...
profit vs price

Real Issues. Real Answers. Fair profit vs. price gouging

As in any business that sells a product or service at a profit, even one known for delivering razor-thin margins, the question of what...

Fresh perspectives and hat tricks

A few weeks ago, my son’s first season of traveling soccer was nearing its end, and he had yet to score a goal. That’s...

Tough Call: The hassle of the haggle

Back when you launched your lumberyard in the early 1990s, you figured the path to success was to make your company an invaluable resource....
lumber quality

Real Issues. Real Answers. Lumber Quality

Many readers cite quality products as a defining difference that separates their company from the competition. So what to do when the lumber you’re...

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