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Rick Davis is the President of Building Leaders, the leading supplier of sales training to the construction products industry. For more information, he can be reached at 773.769.4409 or rickdavis@buildingleaders.com
Sales - Rick Davis

Build a sales talent funnel

If you want to build a quality sales team, you have two routes to choose. One is to hire and hope, and the other is to build a funnel of talent from within. Of the two options, the latter has proven to be more successful.
Sales - Rick Davis

Coaching in the sales field

Inspect what you expect. It’s an old rule of leadership and yet, many managers never take the time to follow this simple piece of advice when it comes to managing outside sales representatives.
Sales - Rick Davis

Planning beats talent

The problem for LBM dealers is the false expectation that you can “hire” sales. The best way to build sales is through planning.
Sales - Rick Davis

Best, better, good selling

The "backward sale" happened again as it does thousands of times each day throughout the world. The checkout clerk attempted to embellish my purchase at the last minute by shoving the extended warranty brochure into my hand.
Sales - Rick Davis

The problem with negotiation

“Why do people negotiate constantly with us, but would never expect to negotiate on the price of milk or a stick of butter at a grocery store?” The answer is easy: You tell them to!
Sales - Rick Davis

Get to give

Get to give. That is the answer to the price objection and, yet, many salespeople have never learned this fundamental lesson in Sales Negotiations...
Sales - Rick Davis

The law of pricing

You will never know the joy, power, and satisfaction of holding your price and winning a sale until you’ve held your price and lost...
Sales - Rick Davis

A salute to the uppercase Order Taker

Don't underestimate the order taker. It took me a while to accept this valuable idea because, early in my career, I kept feeling guilty after...
Sales - Rick Davis

The invisible inside sales rep

Service means completion and getting things done. Every LBM dealer proudly boasts of the service they provide to ensure the satisfaction of the customer....
Sales - Rick Davis

How to properly onboard a new customer

There is an old saying that, “you only get a last chance to make a first impression.” Truer words were never spoken when it...

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