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Rick Davis is the President of Building Leaders, the leading supplier of sales training to the construction products industry. For more information, he can be reached at 773.769.4409 or rickdavis@buildingleaders.com

Hunting for sales leads? Try farming instead

I like challenging you, our LBM Journal reader, with contrarian concepts such as the suggestion to replace the sales funnel with a sales sieve....

The sales funnel is really a sales sieve

One of my least favorite prospecting metaphors is the sales funnel because it implies that, sooner or later, everything you put into it comes...
Rick Davis

From product peddler to sales concierge, Part III

• Part 1 • Part 2Part 3 Be a business development consultant to develop sales. If you think builders build for a living and remodelers remodel, think...

From product peddler to sales concierge Part II

  • Part 1 • Part 3Part 2The housing crisis of the previous decade forced LBM dealers to cope in a multitude of ways. Among the...

From product peddler to sales concierge

Part  1• Part 2 • Part 3A funny thing happened on the way to the world of the modern LBM Dealer. The role of the...

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