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Rick Davis is the President of Building Leaders, the leading supplier of sales training to the construction products industry. For more information, he can be reached at 773.769.4409 or rickdavis@buildingleaders.com
building sales rick davis

The law of pricing

You will never know the joy, power, and satisfaction of holding your price and winning a sale until you’ve held your price and lost...
building sales rick davis

A salute to the uppercase Order Taker

Don't underestimate the order taker. It took me a while to accept this valuable idea because, early in my career, I kept feeling guilty after...
building sales rick davis

The invisible inside sales rep

Service means completion and getting things done. Every LBM dealer proudly boasts of the service they provide to ensure the satisfaction of the customer....
building sales rick davis

How to properly onboard a new customer

There is an old saying that, “you only get a last chance to make a first impression.” Truer words were never spoken when it...
Rick Davis

Don’t forget to think inside the box

In recent articles, I’ve offered contrarian concepts such as prospecting with a sieve instead of a funnel; or planting seeds instead of hunting. This...
Rick Davis

Stop whining about sales problems

Got a sales problem? Then fix it, fire it or ignore it. At least stop whining. These are the words I use as my mantra...

Hunting for sales leads? Try farming instead

I like challenging you, our LBM Journal reader, with contrarian concepts such as the suggestion to replace the sales funnel with a sales sieve....

The sales funnel is really a sales sieve

One of my least favorite prospecting metaphors is the sales funnel because it implies that, sooner or later, everything you put into it comes...
Rick Davis

From product peddler to sales concierge, Part III

• Part 1 • Part 2 Part 3 Be a business development consultant to develop sales. If you think builders build for a living and remodelers remodel, think...

From product peddler to sales concierge Part II

  • Part 1 • Part 3 Part 2 The housing crisis of the previous decade forced LBM dealers to cope in a multitude of ways. Among the...

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