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Rikka Brandon is the founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, a boutique executive search and consulting firm that works exclusively with building product manufacturers and distributors to find, hire, and retain top executive-level talent. She is also the best-selling author of "Hire Power: Everything Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Hire Awesome People."

How to extend a job offer

It's finally time. You’ve done your interviews, you’ve done your due diligence, and you’re ready to extend an offer. Now all that’s left is...
company training

How to tell if your new building products sales rep will succeed or fail

Every sales manager dreams of the pull-and-plug hire. You know, the one in which you pluck a top building products sales rep from your...

Strategy Z and Opportunity Lost

On a cold, blustery March day in a medium-sized Eastern city, my colleagues and I were running day two of our week-long deep-dive for...

STRATEGY Z: Part II: Low Bid VS. Total Cost Purchasing—No Contest

The Folly of Low Bids The first installment of this three-part series featured the story of a large commercial lumberyard and Green Brothers, their one...

STRATEGY Z: Overcoming the Tyranny of Price Competition

PART 1: “WHAT WOULD DOC DO?" The Yard It was a Tuesday morning and except for one thing it was just like any other in the...

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