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Russ Kathrein is with the LBM Division of Do it Best Corp. based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Selling our industry

Finding the right people to help you grow your business—or just maintain it at its current level—has been an ongoing challenge.
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

I’ve been known as an analogy guy for most of my career. I was okay with that reputation because I strongly believe when you’re making a point using an analogy, it’s easier to see the answer.
management advice Russ Kathrein

Management advice for new leaders

Ask anybody who ever moved as a child, being the new kid in school can be both terrifying and exhilarating.
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Do you lead like a Tigger or an Eeyore?

Most people have both a little Tigger and a little Eeyore inside of them. The trick is in how you manage them and when you let them out.
management advice Russ Kathrein

I believe in you

Sometimes successful leadership can be boiled down to giving people something that they have never had in their life—confidence.
management advice Russ Kathrein

Speak in a manner that others will listen

Sometimes you need to stop, hear yourself speak, and then ask, “Would I want to listen to what I have to say?”
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Providing structure to your expectations

How do you hold an employee accountable in their job performance if you are basing your evaluation on subjective or vague criteria?
Russ Kathrein - Selling our industry

How extremes can affect your leadership

Many important decisions get derailed because we have a customer or employee who we know will not like the outcome of the decision, so we refuse to go forward.
management advice Russ Kathrein

The power of building your networks

Human beings are by their nature social animals, yet often when it comes to leadership, we view the task as a solitary endeavor that we have to just endure on our own.
management advice Russ Kathrein

The powers of your own purpose

Clearly defining your purpose will set you up for success, as well as happiness. Not having a personal purpose might mean you are spending a lot of time doing things other than your job.

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