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Dudley credit Q & A

Credit, sales, and the balance of the universe

There is a certain equilibrium in nature that keeps everything in balance and stable. That’s how it is with sales and credit.
Dudley credit Q & A

Welcome to building materials credit

When I have questioned my boss or our sales reps, I get a lengthy dissertation about the industry or an eye roll. What am I missing?

Getting started in a lumberyard credit department

There are two words to learn about credit management in the LBM space: 1) Damage, 2) Mitigation.
Dudley credit Q & A

Another example of credit bringing value to sales

Credit managers do work for the betterment of the company as a team (with sales) and not just risk management (or collecting money or saying NO).
Dudley credit Q & A

How to get buy-in when you’re new to the credit team

Dear Thea ... Everyone thinks they know more about my job than I do. At this point I am not even sure why they hired me.
Dudley credit Q & A

Are credit managers anti-sales?

Behind every great sales rep is a credit manager helping seal the deal.

How much credit department flexibility is too much?

So far 2021 is proving to be as challenging for my credit department as 2020 but for different reasons.
Dudley credit Q & A

How to avoid negativity in the credit department

How do you stay out of the “echo chamber” of negativity and the belief that all customers are suspect?
Dudley credit Q & A

What to do with an Assignment of Benefits

Is an Assignment of Benefits of a life insurance policy exempt as an asset in bankruptcy?

How to fight credit card fraud

Credit card fraud has long been a challenge, but it seems to rear its ugly head full force when opportunities present themselves.

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