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Azenco Outdoor renews commitment to sustainable living for Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches on April 22, luxury outdoor living brand Azenco renews its ongoing commitment as a leader in the industry for sustainability and vows to continue its unwavering responsible practices in all areas of the brand.

Azenco designs and manufactures an award-winning range of innovative bioclimatic pergolas, cabanas, carports, and swimming pool covers that elegantly complement any architectural style and optimize every residential or commercial outdoor space.

Eco-design philosophy and eco-conscious practices
At the forefront, Azenco’s longstanding eco-design philosophy considers each product’s lifecycle to minimize environmental impact while preserving quality. Crafted from timeless durable aluminum, made in America, and customizable for a year-round zen experience, they are made to stand the test of time against the outdoor elements that degrade other materials. The manufacturing process minimizes waste through snap connections, instead of welding, reducing material waste and improving recyclability.

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Azenco’s expertise and commitment to innovation goes far beyond energy efficiency to all aspects of product design and manufacturing. The brand designs precision engineered, durable products with easy-to-clean surfaces and all require very little maintenance. The use of smart sensors and technology optimize product performance and reduce energy consumption. For instance, the brand’s smart pergolas adjust louver positions to control sunlight, maximizing natural light and reducing artificial lighting needs for a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

Azenco works to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the production process and promotes eco-conscious practices within the organization including energy efficient manufacturing, waste reduction via comprehensive recycling programs targeting aluminum scrap and cardboard, and prioritizing electronic documentation and digital platforms for communication, both internally and externally.

“While we understand that our efforts are just a drop in the ocean of global environmental challenges, it’s a step in the right direction. We are passionate about creating outdoor living spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also minimize ecological impact throughout their lifecycle,” says Leslie Chapus, VP and Co-Founder of Azenco.

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Certified 4Ocean Partner: 25 000 pounds of plastic trash to be removed in 2024
As a proud Certified Cleanup Partner of 4Ocean, a global organization dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis, Azenco actively contributes to the removal of trash and pollutants from both domestic and international oceans and coastlines. Azenco’s leadership team and associates actively participate in hands-on beach clean-ups, providing a deeper understanding of the environmental issues at hand and reinforcing the commitment to making a positive impact.

As part of the partnership, the brand has pledged to remove 25,000 pounds of plastic trash from the ocean in 2024 and as of March has pulled 6,874.56 pounds (about 3118.25 kg) of debris, so far achieving 27% of the promised pledge. This was possible with a crew of 20 people, who were divided into four different locations in Indonesia, Bali, Rio Bomo Beach, and Ijo Gading River.

4ocean’s process is a blend of efficient waste management and detailed tracking. Every item collected is not only sorted and recycled, but also documented, thanks to their innovative waste tracking system which meticulously records the origins and details of debris and images. To ensure the accuracy and credibility of the data collected, it is verified and certified by GreenCircle.

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While directly contributing to the restoration of marine ecosystems and the protection of endangered marine life, their efforts help to reduce the entanglement and ingestion of plastic by marine animals, ensuring a healthier and more vibrant ocean for future generations.

Closer to home in South Florida, Azenco and 4Ocean’s beach cleanups in their local community contribute to improved aesthetics and safer recreational spaces, directly benefitting tourism and well-being, making these areas more pleasant and economically viable.

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