Belletetes among New Hampshire’s top family business


Belletetes, a home improvement retailer based in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, has earned two distinct honors from Business New Hampshire magazine. The company earned a spot in the top 10 of the Top 100 Private Companies, and also was included on a list of the 20 fastest growing companies, according to Business New Hampshire.

President and CEO Mike Shea told Business New Hampshire that the company was fortunate to have grown even during the COVID-19 pandemic.“We were fortunate with increased foot traffic as people were stuck at home and doing projects,” he said. Shea added that the increased foot traffic led to a 22% surge in sales.

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Founded in 1898 Elie Belletete, the LBM Century Club company is now made up of nine locations in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts.

Receiving honors from the business magazine comes nine months after the death of the family patriarch. Reynold Belletete, 101, passed away on Jan. 1.

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