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BILL LEE: Talent + Experience + Chemistry

Managers with the best track record for hiring winners go through these steps:

1. Conduct a short prepared interview over the telephone to determine if you want to take the interview process to the next step.

2. Administer a 15-minute psychological test to the candidate online to determine if he/she has the right stuff to get to the next step. For information, email

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3. Conduct a one to two hour interview with the candidate(s) asking each individual the same in-depth openended questions. Note: this interview may be delegated if the interview is recorded.

4. Check references. Avoid HR departments when checking references. Try to find someone who used to work with the candidate and is no longer with the person’s current company. This is easier to do than you think.

5. Take the candidate(s) to lunch or dinner to observe how the applicants conduct themselves. This is an important step.

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6. Now it’s time to either make an offer or pass on the candidate.

Avoid the Hiring Pitfalls

1. Stop selling until you’re ready to buy. Don’t waste time selling the candidate on the merits of your company. It’s only when you ask good open-ended questions that you gain insight.

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2. Hiring the best of the bunch. If the first bunch of candidates doesn’t produce a candidate with the right stuff, get yourself a new bunch.

3. Remind yourself how difficult it is to change people. If a salesperson has been selling for five to 10 years and is still selling only $1 to $2 million, what are the odds he/she can sell $3 to $4 million working for your company?

In his book, The Real Business 101: Lessons from the Trenches, Jim Sobeck offers three chapters on the hiring process. I highly recommend reading these chapters.

And remember, hire talent, experience and chemistry for the highest odds of hiring success.

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