Blink Blinds Between Glass: Now for Entry Doors

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Blink® Blinds + Glass and ODL, Inc., the creators of the best-selling blinds between glass in the industry, have proven to be the ideal light and privacy control solution for a variety of window styles and sliding patio doors, offering easy operation and safety with maintenance-free blinds enclosed in an insulated glass unit. Now those same benefits are available for hinged entry doors.

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This latest design combines easy operating effort and long-lasting reliability in a range of standard doorglass and sidelight sizes.

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Control light and manage privacy with just a touch. The EasyGlide Operator allows the blinds to be raised, lowered and tilted along the entire length of the glass with only the slightest movement. An innovative design results in stacked blinds that take up only a small space at the top of the glass when fully opened. Full privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows and sunlight glare.

Blinds stay clean: Because the blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, they will continue to look like new. They won’t collect dust and pollen or become bent over time.

Safer Than Standard Blinds: Blink enclosed blinds have no dangling cords that can be dangerous to children or pets. They are certified by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and Parents for Window Blind Safety. All Blink enclosed blinds are offered in tempered safety glass, and impact-rated glass is available in select sizes and colors.

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Attention to Detail: Blink Entry Doorglass is available in six stylish colors and three doorglass frames, including the new low-profile ZEEL® frame. All visible components, from the blind slats to the operator, match each other for a polished look that coordinates with your décor.

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