Bloedorn Lumber Recognized as Wyoming’s Largest Business

Bluedorn Lumber

When MSN Money earlier this week published a slideshow with data on the largest company in every state, Wyoming’s Bloedorn Lumber made the list. While Wyoming is one of the few states in which there are no Fortune 500 companies located, one still may not have expected an LBM dealer chain to have made the list. The Do it Best-aligned independent dealer has 21 stores in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Nebraska.

Here’s what MSN Money had to say about Bloedorn:

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Revenue: $100 million

Headquarters: Torrington, WY

Ownership: Private

Like just a few other states, there are no Fortune 500 companies based in Wyoming. Bloedorn Lumber, a private company, with reported annual revenue of $100 million, is the largest company based in the state. Based in Torrington, the lumber company was founded in the early part of the 20th century. Now, Bloedorn Lumber supplies a range of building materials to hardware stores throughout Wyoming, as well as nearby Nebraska.

Only one other LBM dealer made MSN Money’s list. That of course, was Home Depot in Georgia.