Boise Cascade supports Nature Conservancy’s forest health efforts

BOISE, Idaho — Boise Cascade recently announced its support of The Nature Conservancy’s regional push to significantly improve forest health with a $25,000 contribution.

The Conservancy recently launched a collaboration to accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration over the next 10 years in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. These efforts aim to restore forest health while making communities safer from fire and protecting key watersheds and wildlife habitat.

“Boise Cascade is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with plans to make wood products long into the future. Supporting the Conservancy’s work is a natural fit with our core value of sustainability for future generations,” said Tom Corrick, CEO for Boise Cascade. “We believe a balanced approach to managing the forest – focused on not only timber harvest but also on the environment – is critical for the future of our company and for the communities where we do business.”

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The Conservancy’s collaborative actions to improve forest health includes providing science to guide effective restoration, demonstrating the value of forest restoration projects across the Pacific Northwest, inspiring people to appreciate and support forests, and facilitating education and outreach.


Source: Boise Cascade