Bosch outdoor laser measure with viewfinder

Bosch laser measure

Bosch has introduced a new line of BLAZE outdoor connected measurers. The BLAZE Outdoor GLM400C with a viewfinder and the GLM400CL with a camera (pictured). Both outdoor laser measures rely on an adjustable zoom camera with scratch-proof screen to find the laser target at up to 400′ in bright conditions, expansive indoor space or against busy backdrops. The color display is designed to be easy to read by illuminating large numbers and providing clear resolution in dark areas. The BLAZE GLM400CL version can take photos and comes with memory for 50 measurements and storage for up to 200 images. A digital bubble level provides a visual reference. Measurement documentation can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet relying on Bluetooth connectivity in conjunction with Bosch’s MeasureOn app.

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