Boston Cedar and U.S. LUMBER Merge Forces

US Lumber

A merger announced today sets up the largest private two step distributor on the East Coast.

U.S. LUMBER Group, a multi‐regional two step building materials distributor operating across the southeast and mid‐Atlantic states and Mansfield, Mass.-US Lumberbased Boston Cedar, a specialty building materials distributor in New England have agreed to merge their interests. Rob Ankner, founder and principal of Boston Cedar has agreed to become a partner at U.S. LUMBER and will take a seat on the Board of Directors.

Lawrence Newton, U.S. LUMBER’S founder and CEO says, “We are delighted to be in business with Rob and his 40 plus years of insight, experience, and perspective. Under Rob’s leadership, his team at Boston Cedar has built a best‐in‐class company with their unique business model through long‐standing customer partnerships. Boston Cedar and U.S. LUMBER combined have the unique capability to serve customer and supplier partners up and down the Eastern Seaboard…from the Canadian border to South Florida.”

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Rob Ankner, Boston Cedar’s CEO states, “I feel very blessed. After three decades partnered with my best friends, Tony Morgan and Bob Vasquezi, the best men on the planet, and to now have the opportunity to continue this partnership with someone of Lawrence Newton’s integrity and experience is very special. Lawrence has built U.S. LUMBER into one of the industries true success stories. Boston Cedar is proud to be a part of that future growth.”

U.S. LUMBER will have a controlling interest in the combined enterprise and will manage the business from its corporate office in Atlanta. The company operates nine distribution centers, two internal reloads, and covers 21 states.

Source: U.S. LUMBER

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