Bradley Hartmann to speak at LBM Strategies Conference

Bradley Hartmann
Bradley Hartmann.

The LBM industry is facing a pair of interrelated generational challenges, and Bradley Hartmann can help solve them for your business. First, the Boomer Brain Drain negatively impacts us all when we fail to capture the vast wisdom from the talented Baby Boomers who retire every month. Second, the newest generation to enter our industry, often described as the YouTube Generation, expects that learning content should be available on-demand and easy to find, allowing them to learn when and where they please.

Bradley Hartmann will introduce practical and tactical tips that dealers across the country are employing to bridge this generational gap. The son of an LBM manager, Bradley was born into the lumber business, where he worked during high school and college. After graduating from college and spending 11 years in purchasing with Pulte Homes, Hartmann launched his own training and consulting firm. As president of the Behind Your Back Sales Co., Hartmann’s four core service areas are sales and marketing strategy facilitation with executive teams, customized sales management coaching, sales rep coaching / workshops, and keynote speeches. Hartmann has written six books for the industry and hosts the Behind Your Back podcast, an LBM-specific sales leadership podcast sponsored by LBM Journal.

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