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BRAND TALK: A Fresh Response to the Market’s Demand for Privacy

Jesse Godwin
Jesse Godwin

Builder’s Hardware, Inc. is a wholesale door component, door fabricator and hardware supplier with family ties. e company was founded over 60 years ago by Les Godwin. Today, he co-owns the business with his sons, Jesse and Joel, who manage daily operations.

Located in Tampa, Florida, Builder’s Hardware has built a solid reputation across the state based on customer service, quality products and industry expertise.
Jesse Godwin, who serves as vice president, sales and marketing, shares his insights on meeting market demands with ODL, Inc. doorglass.

Q: Your company, Builders Hardware, Inc., puts a heavy focus on values — both in how you do business and who you do business with. Can you talk a little about that?
A: We’ve been operating since 1954, so we have companies coming to us all the time looking to do business. We have the usual laundry list of questions we ask them, but the most important thing is: Are they the kind of people we want to work with? Is their company run based on good principles? We’ve found that if the answer is yes, we’ll be able to build a long-term relationship and together bring quality products to customers.

Q: You’ve carried ODL, Inc. products for over 30 years now. What drew you to ODL?
A: First, they meet our requirement for good people to work with. They really know how to treat a customer — really listen. For example, when we asked for more impact-rated designs, they responded. They now have more impact-rated glass than any other supplier in the U.S. They’ve also been very innovative with their products and selling tools. The door glass industry has changed a lot over the years. ODL has not only kept up with changes, but has
led the way. The Perspectives line is a good example of that.

Q: How are your customers responding to the Perspectives line?
A: We’re seeing a lot of interest. The glass is decorative, so it makes for a great front door. And ODL has the best designs in the industry so customers seem excited by the options. The privacy aspect is also helpful because it makes the product useful for additional locations throughout the home, like a back kitchen door or the door to a changing area by a pool.

Q: ODL’s Perspectives Textured Doorglass line lters glass for privacy without ltering light. What about the product strikes you as fresh?
A: The marketplace has been trending toward privacy. People just want something a little more secure and obscure, but they also still want style and personality. And everyone wants to let in natural light. ODL came up with a glass option that offers privacy, security and beauty. I’d go so far as to say that it creates an emotional response. Ultimately, it’s something new and fresh that meets the needs of people in our area; three of the eight Perspectives styles are impact-rated, which means they offer security and protection from airborne debris during hurricanes.

Q: What tools have you been using to show customers the various Perspectives options?
A: We put together a comprehensive door catalog, keep an updated website and put together sales kits for in-home sellers so they can showcase and do pricing on the spot. ODL also has this great tool called the Stylizer. You take a picture of the front door and then you can instantly see any of our doors with ODL’s doorglass. It’s pretty powerful.

Q: What’s your best advice to someone looking to grow their door business?
A: Pick the right products. This is a balance of thinking about the customer — people really like options — but also being realistic with what you can provide. The supply chain must move quickly and ef ciently in order to be effective. Textured door glass offers some great opportunities here; you can really carve out your own destination.

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