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Brand Talk by LP Smartside

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Brand Talk by LP Smartside
Keith McDaniel

Keith McDaniel is inventory manager for Timberland Lumber Company, which has a truss plant in Brazil, Ind., and distribution and a wall-panel plant in Indianapolis. Established in 1969 by Sam Emmert, the company is run by his son, Brad Emmert, president, and daughter, Kim Emmert-O’Dell, executive Vice President Timberland has a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Timberland offers exceptional quality building materials, hardware and tool rental. The company also provides installedframing and material packages that include material handling and subcontractor scheduling. The company services Indiana production, residential, multi-family and commercial builders and supports construction projects throughout the Midwest and South.

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Q: What’s the history behind Timberland Lumber Company, and how did you get into selling siding products?
A: Sam Emmert founded Timberland under the inspiration of his father. Timberland is a very successful family-run business that emphasizes teamwork to support our customers. We service commercial and residential builders, so we have a need to provide quality siding products.

Q: How did you decide which siding products to stock as you were building your inventory?
A: Our business is customer driven, and that determines what products we carry. We evaluate the quality of a manufacturer and its products and the anticipated profitability from those products.

Q: How do you determine which siding products to stock to create siding packages that will sell?
A: You determine if you can sell the package, will you make money on it and will you have any product issues with it. We have a forecasting process to make sure it fits our business.

Q: Which LP SmartSide treated engineered wood siding products do you stock?
A: We sell a lot of LP SmartSide trim and soffit. We’ve also started selling LP SmartSide lap siding and fiber staggered-edge shakes.

Q: What are the features that your customers appreciate with the LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products?
A: Customers appreciate their ease of installation with no special tools or saw blades, and that they’re lightweight, easy to handle and nail, and have good primer and 16-foot lengths. We don’t get call-backs — we have a lot of confidence we can sell them without warranty claims. They are quality products and don’t have manufacturer’s defects when they get here. We never worry about these products — customers buy them and everything takes care of itself.

Q: How do you capitalize on LP’s resources to keep your team current on products and strengthen sales?
A: Our LP sales rep. does a good job of communication and provides literature and idea books, including for light commercial. LP has good market penetration and awareness with builders. We have confidence with LP with builders and that LP products will find their way into new homes. LP SmartSide products have a 5-/50-year limited warranty and we can get samples right away. Our staff is familiar with LP’s siding products.

Q: What trends do you see in the future related to siding products?
A: Everything is cyclical. People see products and styles on home improvement TV shows and want them. There is a renewed interest in older style homes — such as tudors – which feature smooth siding. We’re seeing a greater demand for smooth trim and siding — LP SmartSide reversible fiber trim is a growth product. Prefinished siding products may be a growth area.

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