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Brand Talk: The value of collaboration

Go-to-market strategy: By Boral

When it launched TruExterior® Siding & Trim, Boral ventured into an entirely new building product category. To ensure dealers’ success selling the poly-ash technology, the company embarked on an ambitious go-to-market strategy that zeroed-in on the individual needs of its channel partners as well as those of the end user. This focus on the value proposition has combined with an ongoing mission for innovation to increase demand and customer engagement at a rapid pace. We asked Tom Zimmerman, VP of Sales & Marketing, about how the company’s go-to-market strategy supports dealers.

Q: What is unique about TruExterior Siding & Trim’s go-to-market strategy and why is it important for dealers selling this product category?
A: TruExterior Siding & Trim burst onto the scene in the LBM space in a relatively short amount of time. But the way we came about it was not by accident. We studied other categories creating meaningful brands in the industry and learned from their successes and challenges.

It’s not enough that we created a new product category; we are laser focused on working with our channel partners to drive their success. Many manufacturers do pull-through sales. But we sit down with our dealers for success planning specific to their needs, their customers, their market, and their longterm goals. Our team works with purpose and objectives, in collaboration with our dealer base to properly grow their business. We move with diligence and purpose in the channel. We listen.

Q: How does your go-to-market strategy
take shape?

A: We look for dealers that want to engage with us and collaborate to go above the hard sell. On a one-on-one basis this takes many forms, depending on each dealer and their customer. But often it’s found in grassroots education and hands-on outreach that gets this new technology into the hands of building pros while also addressing their specific challenges. Our reps put together a program that may encompass ride-alongs, lunch and learns, introductory workshops, handson training, or exclusive dinner events with key customers.

But deeper than that, it’s helping our dealers understand the value proposition as it relates to each customer. What are this individual’s pain points and how can this product solve those issues or meet their objectives? We understand that our products may not be right for every builder, but the builder sees more value in relationships when you can demonstrate how the product or service brings value to their work, saves them time, prevents callbacks or otherwise addresses their needs. When you bring them a customized solution, they respect you as a dealer — seeing you as a resource and a partner.

“Our focus as a manufacturer is on innovation – everything we do is set up to release the next big thing.”

Q: In what other ways are you driving dealer success?
A: Because poly-ash is a new product category, our national marketing efforts center around trial — not just talking about how TruExterior Siding & Trim combines authentic looks with high performance and superior workability, but allowing contractors to see for themselves. Our campaigns continually drive a sampling program that in turn translates into qualified leads sent directly to our dealers.

These efforts also encompass a steady drumbeat of educational and promotional resources that keep TruExterior Siding & Trim in front of target audiences. This includes sponsoring and participating in the Katz Roadshow, hosting AIA training sessions, our recent summer contest that encouraged product sampling, providing serviceable content through our website and the trade media, and other tools focused on customer education both product related and beyond. We also offer dealer partners an exclusive online hub with unique tools and resources to help track leads, market their businesses, and promote their product lines.

Q: What else makes TruExterior Siding & Trim unique?
A: Our focus as a manufacturer is on innovation — everything we do is set up to release the next big thing. At our Discovery Center in San Antonio, we have Ph.D.s and other top scientists looking for the next big innovation in the building materials space. Where some are focused on building up profit to sell, we are zeroed in on forming partnerships for the sole purpose of bringing other innovative and unique solutions to the marketplace.

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