Broaden Your design Ideas with Wide Composite Decking Boards

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We know Going Against the Grain™ is important to you — and that means you need the freedom to approach decking differently. With TimberTech, distributed by Weyerhaeuser, you can take your pick of the broadest selection of deck board colors on the market, plus different degrees of color blending, varied grain patterns, and distinct board profiles. Looking for another way TimberTech can broadened your selection? Consider wide composite decking boards.

What Are My Options for Wide Composite Decking Boards?

Given the advanced materials science behind our capped polymer deck boards, you can pick from more than just standard-width decking — without ever sacrificing performance.

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Explore the different widths available in two of our top collections: The Vintage Collection® and the Harvest Collection® of the TimberTech® AZEK® line.

The Vintage Collection®
Available in narrow, standard, and wide-width boards.
Narrow = 3.5”  |  Standard = 5.5”  |  Wide = 7.25”

The Harvest Collection®
Slate and Brownstone available in standard and wide-width boards.
Standard = 5.5”  |  Wide = 7.25”

What Are Some Benefits to Wide Composite Decking Boards?

Wide deck boards offer the best of both worlds: contemporary style and faster installation. In terms of style, you can opt for an all-wide deck surface to keep things fresh and modern, or mix and match with Multi-Width Decking. When it comes to application, no sweat: the wider width can cut down install time given that fewer boards are needed to cover the surface area.

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Wide Composite Decking Boards: Contemporary Style, Your Way

Wider deck boards evoke a contemporary look and feel by capturing the trend of wide-board wooden flooring. Should you opt to use all wide-width boards, the fewer lines make for an overall feel that is clean and minimalist.

If you decide you’d instead like to mix and match different deck board widths, your options are practically endless. Check out these high-impact pairings with wide composite decking boards.

Multi Width Lets You Do Decking Differently®

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Statement-Making:Wide & Narrow Boards

Bring a coastal-cool pinstripe pattern to your space by combining narrow and wide composite decking boards.


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Uniquely Yours:Wide & Standard Boards

For a more subtle but still design-forward look, pair standard and wide composite decking boards

Wide Composite Decking Boards: Fuss-Free Installation

TimberTech wide composite decking boards come in square-shoulder profiles. Fastening options include:

  • SIDELoc™
  • Cortex®
  • TOPLoc™

TimberTech wide-width boards come in square-shoulder profiles, and our SIDELoc™ Hidden Fastener system is designed for square-shoulder use.

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Square-Shoulder Boards

  • Allow for easy installation with hidden or visible, color-matched fasteners for a seamless look.
  • Available lengths = 12”, 16”, and 20”.

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SIDELOC™ Hidden Fastener System

  • No pre-drilling for faster install.
  • Applies along the side of the board so fasteners are not visible from above.
  • Uses stainless steel screws to resist screw shear and installs with a ⅛” gap.
  • Compatible with SIDELoc 7.25” Wide Width Extension Attachment for wide width boards.

Wide deck board installation with SIDELoc is easy and fast; you cover more ground using the same amount of fasteners you would use for standard-width decking, all with a no-pre-drill, handheld system.

That means you can spend your time enjoying your deck, not installing it.

Now that you’ve broadened your perspective on the design and installation benefits of TimberTech wide-width decking, you’re ready to partner with a pro. Our recommended contractors are ready to realize your decking vision.

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is pleased to be your distribution partner of choice for TimberTech® by AZEK Building Products through 11 of our west coast, mountain, and southeast markets. Contact your local Weyerhaeuser sales representative for our current product portfolio.


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