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Building Supply Business Software in the Cloud

ECI offers cloud-based POS and business management software specifically built for the building supply industry that will reduce your upfront costs, mitigate risk, and scale as your business grows without hassle.

Spruce and RockSolid MAX software have helped LBM dealers improve business productivity, control costs, increase profitability, and remain competitive for more than 35 years. Both software platforms are available in the cloud, which mitigates risk and removes the trouble of costly servers and time-consuming backups. 

The cloud offers an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to protect your business from the unexpected. It ensures your business operations are protected from disaster through strong firewalls, vulnerability testing, and layers of redundancy. In the cloud, your data is always backed up and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in case of a disaster.

Utilizing software that is cloud-based allows building material dealers to overcome the barrier that has kept them from implementing a POS or business management software solution—cost. A cloud-based system requires no infrastructure investments such as servers, hardware and software updates. It requires fewer personnel to maintain and doesn’t require the expenses associated with upgrading—since the software is always current. Monthly costs are based on a “subscription” type service and are much more predictable. And, since your data is stored off site, you do not have to pay monthly server back-up fees.

As your business grows, your software scales to support additional users, locations, products, and services. One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based solutions is that the limitations of dated technology and software are removed. You no longer have hardware or software to update, so your business is always using cutting-edge technology. ECI is always implementing new features and functionality that fit the needs of the lumber and building materials industry, and with a cloud solution, you get these updates automatically and without hassle.

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