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BuyMetrics launches new commodity analysis and visualization module


Company officials with BuyMetrics announced the company has launched new programming to assists customers with industry data.

BuyMetrics‘ new Commodity Analysis and Visualization Module gives clients the power to  control their own market analysis, measure their own performance; the hands-on tools to engage deeply with their commodity shop/purchase data; visualization tools for insight; the means to capture incremental profit, according to the company.

BuyMetrics makes it easy for non-technical users to dig deeply into their commodity data. Interactive tools enable lumber and panels buyers to construct their own performance measures and track the results against internal and/or externally-generated market measures. BuyMetrics does the heavy lifting, cleaning and transforming raw data, presenting complex datasets in engaging visuals, empowering users to dynamically interact with the information, automating the production of your most important measures.

Explore with confidence.
BuyMetrics’ advanced analytics make it easy to discover and quantify relationships within the data, to observe market dynamics, spot trend shifts, identify outliers, and plug profit leak. Compare your purchases to your vendors’ volume weighted average price, the next-best quoted price, a pre-negotiated formula price, or a price reported by one or more price reporting services—and keep score. Figure out which vendors save you the most money, and under what conditions.

Leading-edge market information.
Commodity markets are notoriously volatile. BuyMetrics’ new module and APIs make it easy to share your analysis/insight with authorized decision-makers across the company. In example: to improve lumber margin (realize enhanced ROI) share your carefully gleaned market data—timely and exclusive price information, market coverage, trends—with colleagues responsible for setting the company’s bid/sell prices.

At BuyMetrics, we understand every business has its own competitive environment, its own products/production mix, its own cost-of-goods. Every successful business needs accurate and reliable information, needs to evolve its own go-to-market strategy. At BuyMetrics, we work for you—in private.

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