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Shane Soule - Fleet Efficiency

Lean communication: Unboxing your inbox

For most of my career, email has been my nemesis. “Inbox Zero” was the constant goal, and I only achieved it once a quarter when I finally archived all my unread emails.
John Wagner - working capital peg

Time is the enemy in deal making

An acquirer spots your business, gets the deal book from your investment banker, and then—all of a sudden—there’s a rush of conference calls.
Thea Dudley

It’s time to embrace remote-working credit teams

Recently, a colleague asked me if I knew any credit managers looking for a job. I asked him if it mattered where they did the job from. That stumped him.
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

Providing structure to your expectations

How do you hold an employee accountable in their job performance if you are basing your evaluation on subjective or vague criteria?
Rikka Brandon Recruit + Retain interviews

Reframe the way you think about firing employees

When you manage a lot of people over the course of your career, it’s inevitable that you’re going to make a bad hire, have under-performing employees, and even wind up with a few difficult people.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Chaos, Post-it Notes, and consistency

The salesperson expects the company to fulfill all the special requests, which becomes a precursor to the multitude of things about to go wrong.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

Looking to boost employee morale? Consider education

There’s one thing that employees value— especially younger managers and salespeople—and that is education.
Boyden Moore Orgill

Five Questions with: Boyden Moore, Orgill

Teaming up with Orgill in 2010, Boyden Moore helped create Tyndale Advisors and co-founded the multi-format, multi-brand home improvement retailer, Central Network Retail Group (CNRG).
Rick Schumacher from the publisher

Let’s meet up in Boston

Mark your calendar to reconnect with your fellow LBM pros in Boston, October 13-15. Hope to see you there!
LBM Century Club

Celebrating 100-year-old businesses

Since 2016, LBM Journal has promoted the LBM Century Club as our salute to the many 100-year-old businesses we’ve met over the years.

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