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Heidenreich - credit card disputes

Customer agreements can prevent negative online reviews

As the retail experience continues to evolve, so do customer expectations.
John Wagner - working capital peg

Why strategic investors pay more

What are the value implications of a strategic acquirer versus a non-strategic acquirer? It’s simple math.

Five Questions With: Ken O’Neill, Oldcastle APG

Ken O’Neill, EVP, leads Oldcastle APG’s National Group, covering MoistureShield, and Techniseal, which manufacturers polymeric sands and chemicals to enhance hardscape projects.
Rikka Brandon - assessment tools

Does your compensation measure up?

It's the eternal question for most companies, LBM or otherwise: Am I paying enough to attract the best people?
Selling Our Industry Russ Kathrein Leadership

When (doing) less is more

There is something satisfying about taking your time in order to do some things right.
Bill Lee sales & operations - boss

Five principles to achieving optimal management productivity

There are five principles I believe a salesperson should follow in order to be the most productive he or she can be.
rick davis commodity

Best, better, good selling

The "backward sale" happened again as it does thousands of times each day throughout the world. The checkout clerk attempted to embellish my purchase at the last minute by shoving the extended warranty brochure into my hand.
Rick Schumacher

Just listen

Our customers are more than willing to tell us what they want and need from us. If they don’t, it’s up to us to ask. Then just listen. Then just deliver.
NBLMDA - Tariffs

Legislative outlook for August recess

As Congress is home for August recess, NLBMDA provides a legislative outlook for items that need to be resolved as we approach the end of the fiscal year.
Royal Building Products PVC Column Wraps in Sand Dune

Product Picks: August 2019

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here's our pick of the ones to watch.

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