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Humboldt Sawmill

USDA Forest Service Research Provides Evidence of Environmental Benefits of Redwood Lumber

Fast-growing natural durable softwood species, such as redwood, offer advantages in terms of carbon sequestration and efficient energy usage, among others.
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Fewer SKUs, More Value. This is the only insulation material you need

Exterior insulation is required by code - and it’s good building science, because it prevents “thermal bridging”, or energy escaping though the studs. But it’s yet another layer builders have to deal with on the building envelope. What if it wasn’t?

Tough. Tested. Qora Gets It Done Right.

Qora Cladding is built to satisfy every need across the building process—from distribution to construction and completion.
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Drive real results for your business with Facebook

When it comes to social media, the building industry as a whole has been fairly slow to recognize the impact of this effective marketing tool.
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10 ways to avoid distractions when working from home

Flexible working practices were already becoming popular before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since many people have been forced to work from home during the coronavirus lockdowns, it is now likely that remote working will become even more prevalent.
Carolina Colortones

Time is money

Hate long lead times? Hate being told who to buy from? Hate being told that color has been discontinued?
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Designed for easy installation. Engineered to endure

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is committed to delivering the reliable, consistent products you can rely on.
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Go against the grain: Five ways TimberTech decking outperforms treated wood

As lumberyards and home centers complete their winter buys and look ahead to another busy spring season, homeowners will again be focused on outdoor living space. Like last year, deck projects will be a top priority.

Your customers are struggling. Here’s how Qora can help

Yes, supplies have been challenging to acquire through the pandemic, however, it’s the labor shortage in these industries that is a cause for concern.
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Time to Get Inspired with Woodtone’s Wall and Ceiling Collection

With Woodtone’s Wall and Ceiling innovation, options have expanded and they’ve provided an inclusive way to order their products – giving you 40 opportunities to make the sale.

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