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building sales rick davis

Prospecting is a state of mind

I shun the term “prospecting” because it inherently causes salespeople and managers to think about the process of locating new accounts, which means looking for immediate sales opportunities. Therein lies the rub.
building sales rick davis

There’s no crying in lumber

There are no real lumber emergencies. Sure, there are lot of contractors screaming and clamoring for attention, but is that really a bad thing?
building sales rick davis

Leverage the market opportunity

If there has ever been a better sellers’ market, then I know I haven’t lived through it.
building sales rick davis

Chaos, Post-it Notes, and consistency

The salesperson expects the company to fulfill all the special requests, which becomes a precursor to the multitude of things about to go wrong.
building sales rick davis

The fallacy of composition

A long-term competitive advantage begins by playing for long-term sales opportunities.
building sales rick davis

The more things stay the same

As the light emerges at the end of the pandemic tunnel, you might want to pause and discover what comfort you can find in the chaos we left behind in 2020.
building sales rick davis

There’s no industry better to build a sales career

Every once in a while, like to start a new year, I feel compelled to remind you that our dirty-build-our-product-outdoors-in-the-mud industry is as sexy as it gets.
building sales rick davis

The game of selling

A sale is a puzzle to be solved...or at least attempted, even if you can’t solve it every time.
building sales rick davis

The lost art of sales coaching

Good coaching is a planned performance. There is a better way.
building sales rick davis

Lessons learned in a crisis

A funny thing happened on our way to the crisis created by the worst pandemic in a century. We got busy. So busy in fact that unexpected supply chain and fulfillment promises have created an unexpected crisis.

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