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rick davis consumer walk-in

Sweat the details

In so-called normal times, it is easy to fix a mistake or omission to an order.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Persuasion is overrated

What’s more important in sales than persuasion? Influence. Credibility. Support. Accuracy.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Review your sales like you review your golf game

The best time to cull your customer list is when opportunities abound.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Build from within for sales force success

The most successful companies hire right. They seek individuals who are career driven and want to work with a sense of purpose.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Some industry shifts are here to stay

It’s obvious the world is changing, but easy to miss the long-term impact of an evolving world.
rick davis consumer walk-in

What really makes a good business relationship?

Have we really defined, in sales, what makes up a good relationship? Is it friendship? Is it business? Is it both?
rick davis consumer walk-in

Be an order instigator

Be an order instigator for all times. It’s the key to establishing credibility and long-term business relationships of unbreakable loyalty.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Leverage the consumer walk-in

So how do you feel when a consumer walks into your branch during a busy Tuesday morning?
rick davis consumer walk-in

‘Measure twice, cut once’ also applies to sales

Measure twice, cut once. If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you find time to do it again? Of course, these are old saws (pun intended) that we hear and embrace as sage advice but sometimes forget to heed.
rick davis consumer walk-in

Prospecting is a state of mind

I shun the term “prospecting” because it inherently causes salespeople and managers to think about the process of locating new accounts, which means looking for immediate sales opportunities. Therein lies the rub.

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