Turn and earn truck turnaround times

Turn and earn: How to build your bottom line by lowering your average truck...

One of the most valuable business metrics to track within a yard is truck turnaround time.
working with architects

Working with architects

Since many LBM salespeople turn down the opportunity to meet with architects, this could be a powerful tool to help you create separation with your competition.

New local laws offer strides in housing safety, affordability, and diversity

A new Texas law, known as House Bill 2439, outlines that local governments cannot exclude the use of building materials otherwise approved under national code.

When you see the light at the end of the tunnel

Both personally and professionally, consider the status of your immune system, as it might be the most important component you have.
Glenn Mathewson

Codes and customer trust

Knowing the code implications and installation details about the products you sell is a critical step to building trust with your customers. 
NLBMDA commentary

NLBMDA: Making a difference for our industry

Join fellow LBM industry pros to meet lawmakers and association leadership in Washington on March 23-25.

Protecting the public—and contractor—from lead paint

Is your installed sales team certified to work on homes containing lead paint? Are your subcontractors? If not, any work you perform on such...

A few keys to successful succession planning

I served as a moderator at the LBM Strategies Conference 2018 held in Philadelphia in September, and I moderated a panel discussion focusing on...
point of law

What do you mean he’s my employee?

Businesses in the construction industry have historically relied heavily upon independent contractors to perform work. While it is sometimes clear that a party is...
cbo deficit projection

Implications of the impending high budget deficits

The primary goal for the Federal Reserve is to maintain a healthy financial system that allows for sustainable trend economic growth with moderate inflation...

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