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How to get sales reps to collect

Dear Thea, Our sales reps get paid commission on the sales they make so you think that it would motivate them to help make sure we get paid. It doesn’t. How can I get them engaged and help get our money collected?

Customer management belongs to sales and credit departments

Dear Thea,I have been a credit manager for a very long time. Over the years I have heard the sales reps I work with refer to the customer as “theirs” until it all goes downhill...

Sales reps: Learn to love ’em

Dear Thea, I recently attended a conference where you spoke, and you mentioned how much you have learned from sales reps. I respectfully have to disagree with you. In my opinion, sales reps are all the same.

Credit Q&A: Are my methodologies out of date?

Dear Thea,I have been with my company for over 33 years. I started with them when I was just out of school and have...

Get to know LBM Journal’s “Credit Overlord”

We’re excited to introduce Thea Dudley as the newest member of LBM Journal’s editorial team. With more than 30 years of relevant experience, Thea...

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