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Credit denied - Thea Dudley column

How much do you need to explain when denying credit?

People often confuse the rules of B2B credit, which is governed completely differently than consumer credit.
Thea Dudley credit

How to know when you need credit protection

I like having options. Options help my company make sure we get our money.
Thea Dudley credit

When to ask for an updated credit application

The topic should be part of your overall best practices discussion and included in your credit policy manual.
Dudley credit Q & A

Thwarting threats on collection calls

How do you respond to a customer who threatens to “tell on you” to their salesperson?
Dudley credit Q & A

Starting up a lien program

I read a quote that loosely repeated said, “If it brings you no joy to tell a friend something painful, you are a true friend.”
Dudley credit Q & A

Why settle past due accounts?

Dear Thea, I had a call with a customer who wants to “settle” his very past due account because the owner of the project isn’t paying them.
Dudley credit Q & A

Freaking out about privacy

Dear Thea, My company recently hired a privacy law attorney to look into our procedures and systems as they relate to current privacy laws.
Dudley credit Q & A

Is it time to take them to court?

Dear Thea, When should I use small claims court to collect our company’s money?
Dudley credit Q & A

The case of the elusive EIN

Someone’s done you wrong and you are looking to repay the favor. This has all the makings of a country song.
Dudley credit Q & A

Credit, sales, and the balance of the universe

There is a certain equilibrium in nature that keeps everything in balance and stable. That’s how it is with sales and credit.

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