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The case of the ugly-credit customer

Dear Thea, I recently had a customer apply for credit, and their commercial credit report was UGLY. They owe everyone, and they’re past due 90+ days.

Is it ever just a name change?

I have a customer who has informed us that their company name has changed but everything else is staying the same.
Thea Dudley

Remember, tax laws vary from state to state

In a recent column you stated “Everyone knows that you don’t get a discount on sales tax. No one offers it because it is a government required item to collect and not part of an optional program.” While I know this is true in many areas, it’s not true here in Washington state.
Thea Dudley

How much can I charge for a past due fee?

Dear Thea, We are currently charging late fees for past due invoices. We want to see if there are any guidelines out there for what to charge our customers. Thank you.
Thea Dudley

Everyone can win when a cash bond is involved

Dear Thea, We had a recent inquiry from a prospective customer with poor business credit wanting to use a $10K cash bond to secure a line of credit with us.
Thea Dudley

The trouble with third-party credit agencies

If a cow doesn’t produce milk is it a milk dud or an udder failure? If your third-party credit agency isn’t working for you, why are they working for you?
Thea Dudley

The state of state lien laws

The mechanics lien process and all its related glory is by far the number one topic I get asked most about, and it's the most misunderstood and under-utilized tools in the credit and sales tool kit.
Thea Dudley

Five steps to cashflow nirvana

Lack of cashflow is one of the top three reasons businesses fail, along with poor management and partnerships. I would add “making someone else’s problems your problems” to that list.
Thea Dudley

Credit Q&A special edition: COVID-19 vs. Your Cashflow and A/R

Take the COVID-19 crisis as a serious wakeup call and revamp, improve, streamline, and update your credit and collections processes.
Thea Dudley

It’s time to convert to a virtual filing cabinet

A virtual filing cabinet is easy to set up. Select a place where it will “live” at your company, such as your shared drive, then password protect it.

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