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Dudley credit Q & A

Is it time to take them to court?

Dear Thea, When should I use small claims court to collect our company’s money?
Dudley credit Q & A

The case of the elusive EIN

Someone’s done you wrong and you are looking to repay the favor. This has all the makings of a country song.
Dudley credit Q & A

Credit, sales, and the balance of the universe

There is a certain equilibrium in nature that keeps everything in balance and stable. That’s how it is with sales and credit.
Dudley credit Q & A

Welcome to building materials credit

When I have questioned my boss or our sales reps, I get a lengthy dissertation about the industry or an eye roll. What am I missing?
Dudley Thumbnail credit department

Getting started in a lumberyard credit department

There are two words to learn about credit management in the LBM space: 1) Damage, 2) Mitigation.
Dudley credit Q & A

Another example of credit bringing value to sales

Credit managers do work for the betterment of the company as a team (with sales) and not just risk management (or collecting money or saying NO).
Dudley credit Q & A

How to get buy-in when you’re new to the credit team

Dear Thea ... Everyone thinks they know more about my job than I do. At this point I am not even sure why they hired me.
Dudley credit Q & A

Are credit managers anti-sales?

Behind every great sales rep is a credit manager helping seal the deal.
Dudley credit Q & A

How to avoid negativity in the credit department

How do you stay out of the “echo chamber” of negativity and the belief that all customers are suspect?
Dudley credit Q & A

What to do with an Assignment of Benefits

Is an Assignment of Benefits of a life insurance policy exempt as an asset in bankruptcy?

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