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How to fight credit card fraud

Credit card fraud has long been a challenge, but it seems to rear its ugly head full force when opportunities present themselves.
Thea Dudley

It’s time to embrace remote-working credit teams

Recently, a colleague asked me if I knew any credit managers looking for a job. I asked him if it mattered where they did the job from. That stumped him.
Thea Dudley

What if customers refuse to pay finance charges?

A little patience goes a long way. I have always viewed finance charges as a tool that can be leveraged for a chance to have a conversation with my customer.
Thea Dudley credit

What to say when you can’t offer credit

Dear Thea, We have a customer who has been paying much later than their granted credit terms. We had to place them on a cash-on-delivery status for quite some time because of their chronic late payments.
Thea Dudley credit

Plant a seed with the right leader

What if you work for someone who does not believe credit department ever needs to change up how they do things?
Thea Dudley credit

Why pre-liens are important

I am a firm advocate of serving a preliminary lien notice or statutory notice whether it is required or not. I suggest you make it company policy.
Thea Dudley credit

The case of the ugly-credit customer

Dear Thea, I recently had a customer apply for credit, and their commercial credit report was UGLY. They owe everyone, and they’re past due 90+ days.
Thea Dudley credit

Is it ever just a name change?

I have a customer who has informed us that their company name has changed but everything else is staying the same.
Thea Dudley

Remember, tax laws vary from state to state

In a recent column you stated “Everyone knows that you don’t get a discount on sales tax. No one offers it because it is a government required item to collect and not part of an optional program.” While I know this is true in many areas, it’s not true here in Washington state.
Thea Dudley

How much can I charge for a past due fee?

Dear Thea, We are currently charging late fees for past due invoices. We want to see if there are any guidelines out there for what to charge our customers. Thank you.

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