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Hills Flat Lumber

Diversification drives Hills Flat Lumber

Jeff Pardini, third-generation owner of Hills Flat Lumber Co., knew since he was a young boy that he wanted to run the family’s lumberyard.
Eskridge Lumber Tuff Stephenson

Small Kansas town rallies behind its lumberyard

There was a time about five years ago when Randy Kemp was about to lock the doors at Eskridge Lumber for good.
Gold Beach Lumber

Connected Communities: Gold Beach Lumber builds on relationships

Like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, Ryan Ringer says it’s Gold Beach’s connection to the communities it serves that has allowed the company to prosper.
Ivey's Building Materials

‘Joes and Pros’ Ivey’s Building Materials embraces customer mix

The two Ivey’s Building Materials locations are fairly different, which has helped the company remain diversified regardless of any fluctuations in the building or remodeling markets.
Krempp Lumber Dealer of the Year

Dealer of the Year: Krempp Lumber Company

Krempp Lumber has positioned itself for growth throughout the years through what the ownership team refers to as an “unconventional approach” to doing business.
Hamilton Building Supply

Dealer of the Year: Hamilton Building Supply

When John Perna returned to Hamilton Building Supply in 2019 with an MBA and deepened industry experience, he set course to implement best practices from companies that he felt were at the top of their game.

Dealer of the Year: Zuern Building Products and Design Center

Since the third generation took over, the company has rebranded as Zuern Building Products and Design Center, opened a new 70,000 square-foot facility in Slinger, Wisconsin, and purchased a two-location window design center that has introduced the company to the Madison, Wisconsin market.

Dealer of the Year: Keim

Located in the unincorporated town of Charm, Ohio, in the heart of one of the country’s largest Amish populations, Keim has adapted to the modern challenges of serving a market that includes cities such as Pittsburgh, and Cleveland with a more traditional employee base made up of 70% Old Order Amish. The results are a $150 million company that is both grounded and growing.
Ganahl Lumber

Dealer of the Year: Ganahl Lumber

Clearly, a company doesn’t get to a half a billion in sales without knowing what it’s doing, and for CEO Peter Ganahl, it really comes down to three things.
Hilltop Lumber

Hilltop Lumber: Delivering dreams in the land of lakes

In the land of 10,000 lakes, Brian Klimek lives and works among some of the best of them. His family’s company, Hilltop Lumber, supplies builders in the central lakes area of Minnesota, where second homes and vacation properties have brought record sales in recent years.

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