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Rick Schumacher

The Roaring Twenties, v.2

Here’s to working together throughout the Roaring Twenties, v.2, to build your sales, your business and your brand.
Rick Schumacher

Playing to win

There’s a reason that sports analogies are so common in business—they’re two sides of the same coin.
Rick Schumacher

Building connections

As I write this, LBM Strategies Conference 2019 is in the rearview mirror. Many of our industry’s leading thinkers—and doers—were there to share their stories, to learn from other industry pros, and to connect with others who do what they do.
Rick Schumacher

Winter is coming

It's true. Summer’s over, kids are back at school, and football season is underway, so yes, winter is coming.
Rick Schumacher

Just listen

Our customers are more than willing to tell us what they want and need from us. If they don’t, it’s up to us to ask. Then just listen. Then just deliver.

To our stakeholders: our readers and advertisers

Since LBM Journal is a stand-alone company without shareholders or a board of directors to report to, we answer only to you, our readers and advertisers.

The LBM adventure

If the lumber/building material industry is a roller coaster (some would argue convincingly that it is), then keep holding on, because the adventure’s not...

Live and in-person

There's no question about it: our reality is far more “wired” than ever before. The internet is a formidable tool that has transformed virtually...

Beyond the money

Each month, when we read over the business challenges that readers share as part of our “Real Issues” surveys, there’s one issue that consistently...

Introducing LBM Journal’s Dealers of the Year

Back in 2005, we launched our Entrepreneur of the Year program. Al Bavry of Kimal Lumber in Florida was our inaugural winner, and Al...

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