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LBM Journal’s 40 Under 40

We’ve launched the LBM 40 Under 40 to recognize and celebrate the growing class of strong young leaders in the LBM community.
technology in-depth

In an environment filled with disruption, technology helps ease the pain

Like its preceding year, 2022 had more than its share of challenges.

The technology-free lumberyard

This month's question came from the new owner of a lumberyard that’s been operating technology-free for more than 30 years. He’s looking for advice on whether or not to pull the trigger and computerize.

Tough Call: Training not included

Though the LBM industry is hungry for young talent, a company's lack of formal training and a "sink or swim" attitude as a new employee questioning his decision to to to work for the local lumberyard.
Order takers sales pros

Turning order takers into sales pros

This month's Real Issues question comes from a dealer who believes the over-abundance of business that happened during COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on his salespeople.

Cautious optimism rules the windows and doors market

There's something about doors that seem to inspire us, and history is replete with important portals that provide both an aesthetic and a physical...
LBM Journal 100


Now in its third year, the LBM 100 continues to demonstrate the strength of the lumber and building materials industry while fighting new challenges such as sky rocketing interest rates, rising inflation and fuel costs, labor shortages, and foreboding talk of a recession.

Rebuilding trust

Your predecessor excelled at driving away business. You've been tasked with regaining it, but customers' memories run deep. What would you do? Having worked in...
Real Issues. Real Answers.

How LBM dealers project the future

This month’s Real Issues. Real Answers question comes from an LBM dealer who’s looking for insights on how to craft budgets and projections for the coming year.
San Antonio Lumber

Dealer of the Year: San Antonio Lumber

Anyone who has worked at a lumberyard—not to mention owned and operated one—knows that you need to wear many hats on any given workday.

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